Rising Energy Costs?

Switch to a Solar Power System

Are you tired of hefty energy costs or concerned over the drain our energy sources place on the environment? Go partially or fully off-grid with Solar Pro and our reliable solar energy products. Locally owned in Edmonton, AB and serving Central and Northern Alberta, we are qualified and insured to provide residential and commercial solar systems as well as RV systems to keep you powered up and saving money in the long run.

Our Solar Energy Solutions Include:

  • Commercial Solar Systems
  • Residential Solar Systems
  • Rural Solar Systems
  • RV & Remote Location Solar Systems

The Solar Power Company to Call

Whether you are looking for commercial solar systems or need renewable energy at home or on the go, you’ll find cost-saving solar panels and systems perfect for your specific energy needs. Our specialists will help you find the right solar energy products and get you hooked up without a hitch!

Commercial solar systems

Harness the Energy of the Sun

Imagine saying goodbye to your energy bill or seeing the numbers getting lower and lower. With solar power, you’ll have the power of the sun to keep things going. No more fuss; no more muss. For more information or to receive a free solar power system and installation estimate, give us a call today!